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Lexmark Maintenance Count Reset

                 OPTRA S & SE

Hold down the [GO] and [Return] buttons and power on the printer, continue to hold these keys

until “Performing Self Test” appears in the display. Once this appears, release the buttons. This will

allow you to access the “Diagnostics Menu”, the printer may display “80 Scheduled Maintenance.”

Press the [Go] Button to bypass this and this should get you in to the “Diagnostic Mode”. Using the

arrow keys, scroll to “Printer Setup” menu and press [Select]. Then using the arrow keys scroll to

“Reset Maintenance Count” (“Maintenance Count Value” only allows you to view the page count).

To exit Diagnostics Mode just cycle the power.


OPTRA T610/12/14/16 LEXMARK T520/22, T620/22, T630/32/34

Press and hold down the [Select] and [Return] keys while powering on the printer, hold

these buttons until the display reads “Performing Self Test.” If the display reads “80 Scheduled

Maintenance, press the [Go] to continue past this message and access the Configuration Menu.

Press the menu button until the display reads “Reset Maint Cnt” on the second line of the display

and press the [Select] button. The top line of the display should now read “Reset Maint Cnt” and

the second line will read “Reset” and press the [Select] button. This will reset the counter. To exit

out of the “Configuration Mode” cycle the power.


LEXMARK T640/42/44, T650/52/54

Press and hold the [Checkmark] and the [right arrow] button while powering on the printer. When

“Performing Self Test” appears in the display, release the buttons. The “Config Menu” will appear in

the display. Use the down arrow to scroll through this menu until you see “Reset Maint Cnt” and

press the [Checkmark]. The display will read “Reset.” When this happens press the [Checkmark]

button again, this will reset the maintenance counter. To exit out of this menu, just cycle the

power on the printer.